The engineer or his authorized agent is bound to despatch the bills within ten days from the end of billing cycle. The Licensee shall send the bills to the consumers either by post or by courier or through the messenger well before the due date to avoid any inconvenience to the consumer not covered under spot billing. (In case of spot billing, bills are handed over then and there after the meter reading)
The due date of payment for all consumers shall be fifteen days from the bill date which is mentioned on the face of the bill.
The bill can be paid at the local collection center or any other collection center specified by the Licensee either in cash or by bank draft or by bankers cheque, on any working day during the prescribed hours.
You may give the crossed account payee cheque (mentioning service connection no., billing month, consumer name and address including telephone number) to meter reader or drop the same in the drop boxes at collection centers of the Licensee. You should not tender cash towards energy bill to any person except at collection centre.
You can avail rebate if you pay the bill amount within due date. For LT users, the rebate allowed is 10 paise for each unit of energy consumed in a month
The Complaint Handling Procedure as approved by OERC and notified by the Licensees may be seen in the Annexure –V.

Despite of viable power disruption, it is still committed to provide clean, green & safe power supply at every doorstep by adopting continuous technological reformation in power sector of the state. Further it is in the process to revamp power infrastructure of the state by providing consumer durability, direct market linkage and public awareness on electricity consumption & utilities through strategical communication with help of the mass media.